"Cesar Chavez Community School is a Shining Example of Why Charter Schools Exist"  --Chair of the New Mexico Public Education Commission

¡Sí, se puede!
Welcome to CCCS

To ensure maximum safety of our students, staff, and community during the on-going Pandemic, Cesar Chavez Community School currently utilizes unique online learning models.

Typical class size is 17 students or less.  Each student is assigned to a mentor to help track their progress and problem-solve challenges.  The school hosts approximately 200 students at a time.  The school is small and community oriented, with all classes housed within the same building.

Student skill levels in math and language arts are assessed at entry and then again periodically using short cycle assessments.  This allows CCCS to bring students up from where they are starting and give them the boost they need to get where they are going. 

We prepare our graduates for their next steps, including education, training, work, family, and positive community participation.

Flexible Scheduling

CCCS provides flexible personalized programs for anyone seeking a high school diploma and who would benefit from services and educational programs offered during non-traditional hours.


Notice to All Community Members:  CCCS is creating a new Equity Council to lead toward improving outcomes for “at-risk” students, including Native American students, students with disabilities, students who are English learners, and economically disadvantaged students. 


The school is currently seeking volunteers interested in serving 3-4 year terms on this council.  If you are interested in serving on this council, please email tarness@cesarchavezcharter.net by Wed. December 11, 2019.  We will consider all inquiries and select council members through a fair and transparent process including application and/or interviews. 

Student College and Career Opportunities:

Attention Juniors and Sophomores: It is time to sign up for CEC classes!


-Many classes can count as dual enrollment and students may earn 1.0 elective credits in just one traditional semester ( ex. from Sept-Dec for the Fall semester).


- Juniors and some sophomores who have maintained good attendance and grades are eligible. Students must be willing to travel off-campus to their CEC class location (usually on Mountain rd). CCCS can provide bus passes. Students must also obtain written permission from their mentor and parent/guardian to enroll.


-CEC classes need to be scheduled around your CCCS classes.


-You may ask your Mentor to print out an application for CEC and to see the course catalogue of available classes. They are welcome to make an appointment with Ms. Courtney, the Counselor, for more information and to turn in their completed applications.  


-CEC is extremely popular; turn in your application to Austin Dougherty, the Counselor, ASAP!


" It’s a wonderful school, and I’m glad my kids are in the school.  The kids love school and want to come. "

- CCCS Parent

This Week at CCCS


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