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Would You Like to Earn Your Diploma?
You can!  Our unique program is flexible and supportive.

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for 2023/24
Online Zoom Classes
and Edgenuity with Hybrid Options
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"Cesar Chavez Community School is a Shining Example of Why Charter Schools Exist"  --Chair of the New Mexico Public Education Commission

" It’s a wonderful school, and I’m glad my kids are in the school.  The kids love school and want to come. "  -- CCCS Parent

" I can actually have a conversation with my teachers and they treat my like an equal."  -- CCCS Student

" This year is going amazing! I love my Math and History [Zoom] classes."  -- CCCS Student

"[My student] is doing great.  He actually has an interest in school... he's getting somewhere.  And he loves it!"  -- CCCS Parent


Small class size typically 15 students or less. Flexible schedule and types of classes including Zoom, Edgenuity (e2020),

Dual Enrollment and Independent  Studies.


Every student is assigned to a mentor to help track their progress and problem-solve challenges.

Student Skills

Student skill levels in math and language arts are assessed at entry and then again periodically using short cycle assessments.

Student Growth

CCCS meets students where they are at and work together to support growth toward student goals.

CCCS Offers:

  • Daily one-on-one tutoring with CCCS tutors and teachers

  • Every Student assigned a Staff Mentor

  • Academic Advising

  • Attendance Coaching, Social Work, and Counseling Services

  • Individualized, Flexible Scheduling/Learning Plans

  • Zoom Classes

  • Special Education Services

  • Credit Recovery/Accelerated Credits

  • Dual Credit College Classes (FREE high school and college credit!)

  • Edgenuity Classes, Independent Study Classes, and Work Study Classes

Student Supports and Services

CCCS offers intensive support to students entering or reconnecting to high school through flexible and personalized programs during non-traditional hours.  We prepare our graduates for their next steps, including education, training, work, family, and participation in the community.


The school is small and community oriented, with maximum 200 students at one time.

Next Steps

We prepare our graduates for their next steps, including education, training, work, family, and positive community participation.

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