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Social Worker

Social Worker will help with:

  • Coping with crisis situations (traumatic events, loss of housing, etc...)

  • Linking students and families to community resources (counseling, substance abuse treatment, food banks, financial support)

  • Teaching strategies to cope with stress, grief, depression, anxiety, and substance addiction.

  • assist in conflict mediation between students as well as coaching students in effective conflict resolution skills.

  • Providing students with food from the school's emergency food bank.

  • Assisting with completion of medicaid/SNAP/TANF/Housing application.

  • Providing school wide training (bullying awareness prevention and sexual harassment.


CCCS will keep information confidential, with possible exceptions.  CCCS employees are required by law to share certain information with your parents, law enforcement, and/or certain professionals, in the following circumstances.

  • If there is a belief that you are at risk of harming yourself.

  • if there is a belief that you are at risk of harming someone else.

  • if there is a belief that someone is trying to hurt you.

  • if the law is broken.

  • if a judge orders information be provided to the court.

  • if you give me verbal or written permission to share information.