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Our Social Workers and Counselors can help you with:

  • Coping with crisis situations (traumatic events, loss of housing, etc...)

  • Linking students and families to community resources (counseling, substance abuse treatment, food banks, financial support)

  • Support coping with stress, grief, depression, anxiety, and substance addiction.

  • Support with school and attendance barriers.

  • Assist in conflict mediation between students as well as coaching students in effective conflict resolution skills.

  • Providing students with food from the school's emergency food bank.

  • Assisting with completion of Medicaid/SNAP/TANF/Housing application.


CCCS will keep information confidential, with possible exceptions.  CCCS employees are required by law to share certain information with your parents, law enforcement, and/or certain professionals, in the curtain circumstances including.

  • If there is a belief that you are at risk of harming yourself.

  • if there is a belief that you are at risk of harming someone else.

  • if there is a belief that someone is trying to hurt you.

  • if you give me verbal or written permission to share information.

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