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CCCS follows all NM state requirements for graduation. We offer every class needed to graduate with a diploma.  CCCS students receive a traditional high school diploma, through the state of New Mexico.


CCCS guarantees small classes (no more than 17 students). Several classes also have Educational Assistants to provide additional one on one support.


CCCS tests all incoming students and places them in the Math and English classes that best fit the students’ needs.  Our goal is that every student starts where they are and moves forward in their learning as swiftly as possible.  We offer math and reading classes tailored to different skill levels.


CCCS classes utilize mastery-based learning which requires that all students complete work that exhibits successful learning in order to receive credit; our curriculum supports NM State Standards and Benchmarks and the Common Core curriculum.  CCCS curriculum requires regular attendance and engagement in classes.  We focus on personal and academic growth for every student. 


Some of CCCS’s classes are self-paced allowing motivated students to recover credits or to move ahead (earning extra credits) by finishing classes early. CCCS offers online courses, work study credit, service learning credit, and independent study classes, and free summer school courses.

CCCS offers flexible scheduling to allow students to take more or fewer classes between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm depending on their individual circumstances and graduation goals.  CCCS Students are assigned mentors who advise students on their best schedule.


CCCS supports teen parents with our GRADS parenting program.


CCCS supports working teens with our Work Study for credit program.


CCCS supports students' future goals and dreams through CNM Dual enrollment classes enabling students to earn both college and high school credit for FREE.

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