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Our Vision


CCCS empowers students to be resilient, contributing participants in our changing global society.

Our Mission

CCCS offers intensive support to students entering or reconnecting to high school through flexible and personalized programs during non-traditional hours.  We prepare our graduates for their next steps, including education, training, work, family, and participation in the community.


CCCS was established in 2004 to serve students and families in the greater Albuquerque area.

CCCS is focused on meeting the needs of students who are looking for options that are different from traditional education settings. To meet 21st Century student needs, CCCS is focused on flexible and personalized learning through online formats such as Zoom classes.  

We have created a unique online program that provides every student with a Chromebook and allows students the flexibility to learn from home while still getting to work directly with teachers and other students in daily Zoom classes. Teacher-created curriculum integrates learning standards with students’ real-life connections, differentiated to meet the unique needs of every student in their classes.

The intent of CCCS is to provide high caliber educational services during times and formats that are more flexible and self-paced for non-traditional and working students. Students and families are empowered to choose their own individualized schedule and learning plan. 

All courses and supports are FREE, including credit recovery and accelerated credit earning, Zoom classes, Edgenuity classes, Career class electives, Creative Arts electives, Independent study classes, Dual-credit College classes, tutoring classes, and volunteer and work experience options. 

Our unique program attracts learners who need more flexibility and support.   Our students often did not feel comfortable or supported in traditional settings.  Our students are often juggling school responsibilities with life-demands and challenges, such as work, physical or mental health issues, or family-responsibilities.

CCCS is made of excellent staff and teachers who are highly committed to the success of all our students!  We work to provide a safe, nurturing, positive and supportive environment, at all times.  And we work side-by-side with students to problem-solve and overcome educational barriers.   


Students who have previously experienced academic challenges in more traditional school environments find that they can build confidence and excel with the supports available at CCCS.

CCCS Offers:

  • Daily one-on-one tutoring with CCCS tutors and teachers

  • Every Student assigned a Staff Mentor

  • Academic Advising

  • Attendance Coaching, Social Work, and Counseling Services

  • Individualized, Flexible Scheduling/Learning Plans

  • Zoom Classes

  • Special Education Services

  • Credit Recovery/Accelerated Credits

  • Dual Credit College Classes (FREE high school and college credit!)

  • Edgenuity Classes, Independent Study Classes, and Work Study Classes

If you want to complete your high school education and receive your diploma and you seek a small, non-traditional, and safe academic environment, then Cesar Chavez Community School
can provide you with that opportunity.

¡Sí, se puede!

To make a dream come true, the first requirement is a great capacity to dream; the second is persistence.


- Cesar Chavez 

CCCS Focuses on Support

Community Connections

Cesar Chavez prides itself on being a school which connects to our community.  If you have an interest in participating in our school, please contact Karina Cuara for more information.  

We would love to have you volunteer, donate experiences, and more!

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