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Career and College Resources

Please reach out to the CCCS Academic Advisory for one on one assistance with all of the following resources.

FAFSA Information- Information about financial aid for college.

CAREER ENRICHMENT CENTER- The Career Enrichment Center (CEC) career classes to students enrolled in charter schools.  Students take their core classes at CCCS and may take elective classes at CEC.  CEC is not a diploma-granting institution; however courses completed are posted directly on the student transcript.

CNM Dual Enrollment Information

CNM Application Information- Apply online to become a CNM student.

UNM Dual Enrollment Information- Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment is a program designed to provide high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn college credit while still enrolled in high school by taking University courses normally not offered at the high school. Tuition is paid by the state
School provides textbooks

UNM Application Information- Apply online to become a student at the University of New Mexico.

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